If you ever find yourself in need of a fulfillment company that’s on its toes, they are the BEST. I’ve been working with them forever and they are amazing.

- Carolyn Carr, Owner, NetEffect Solutions Inc. -

A Business-to-Business Portal for The Coca-Cola Company

Wanting to streamline its e-commerce interchange with vendors and distributors, Coca-Cola asked Ritway, in 2009, to collaborate with them in the development of an omnibus site for ordering marketing materials, premiums, gear and iconic merchandise. Ritway responded with a proprietary platform which showcases offerings according to department and offers daily reporting and scalability to meet the unique needs of both The Coca-
Cola Company management and every day users of the site.

With over 5,100 registered users and over 4,000 unique SKU’s, Coke Catalog is a prestigious and efficient website that demonstrates the strong partnership we strive to maintain with each of our clients. This B2B e-commerce platform has been widely accepted by both client and shopper while providing a wide range of merchandising items for customers in ten countries. Together, Coca-Cola and Ritway have redefined the way these materials are ordered, processed, and shipped and have elevated strategic plans to move the business to the next level.