Ritway’s dedication to Nathan’s has been top-notch. During our “Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest”, deadlines to post our promotional materials are of utmost importance. After working with Ritway for 16 years, we know we can depend on them for keeping us on or even ahead of schedule.

- Mary Hyland, Marketing Manager, Nathan’s Famous -

Benefits of Ritway's Business-to-Business E-commerce

Higher Sales: Create a catalog for a “bottomless” target audience in a perpetually open marketplace.

Cost Savings: Eliminate paper and outdated order entry, reducing labor costs.

Reduced Returns: Increase shopping visibility for available items while you ensure correct order placement and offer validation.

Improved Shipping Accuracy: Detail out shipping instructions that assist with proper pick-and-pack procedures to reduce shipping errors.

User-Friendly Architecture: Establish a fully integrated, self-service website that is open 24/7 and designed with your end user in mind.

Increased Marketing Efficiencies: Build an updatable platform to correlate with specials and promotions and the promotion of the site itself.

Improved Service and Support: Provide onsite support for immediate answers and staffing solutions for more complex inquiries.

Reporting Dashboards: Set out cooperative administrative controls for inventory, order, and financial management that provide transverse analysis for a united partnership.