Consumer Promotions

We needed some DVD packages that were on their way to Ritway turned around and shipped to three different facilities very quickly. From our previous experiences working with Ritway, we knew we could depend on them to take care of all of the details necessary to get our shipment delivered promptly and accurately. Ritway definitely came through for us…they are wonderful!

- Meg Lonon, SVP RIVR Media Interactive/Moving Picture Book -

Sweepstakes, Games, Rebates, Offers and Contests

We handle all types of promotions, including sweepstakes, games, rebates, offers and contests.

Customized Winner Selection and Notification

We conduct a random drawing of prize winners using our random batch generator system. Entries are checked for legitimacy based upon set criteria outlined in the official rules.

At Ritway, the entries processed to date are over 750,000,000.

Prize Fulfillment

No prize is too small or too large (from key chains to multi-million dollar dream homes) to warrant excellent stewardship; we ship/mail, warehouse, sort, package, label and track prizes, offering a secure facility, electronically monitored 24/7 with limited access.

Trip Design and Travel Arrangements

We can coordinate and book hotels, airline accommodations, car/limousine rentals, cruises and other prize arrangements.