Consumer Promotions

Over the past two decades, the Coca-Cola Company and Ritway have developed a relationship that embodies a mutually-beneficial strategic partnership in every facet. With Ritway now managing the Coke Catalog, we are even more interdependent and integrated into each other’s success.

- Rodney Tabert, VP Outlet Presentation Excellence, The Coca-Cola Company -

Legal Information

Rule Writing and Legal Origination

We work hand in hand with one of the top legal firms in the U.S.—Loeb & Loeb—for legal review of official rules.

Winner 1099 Tax Form Processing

1099 tax forms (misc. income) must be issued by the party who actually awards the prizes. However, a third party may do so, if acting as an agent for the sweepstakes sponsor.

Physical Entry Processing/Compliances

We offer post office box rental, by month or annually, regular mail pick-up, creation of customized congratulatory letters and verification of winners of prizes over $599. We also verify eligibility of prize winners and assure compliance with full official rules upon receipt of the "Affidavit of Eligibility and Liability/Publicity Release" form.

We develop and prepare an "Affidavit of Eligibility and Liability/Public Release" form for prize winners in excess of $600.00 cash, or "fair market value."

Bond Procurement and State Registration

With years of experience, Ritway is very familiar with the unique requirements of US bond procurement and the process of state registration as it varies state to state.