About Ritway

Ritway’s dedication to Nathan’s has been top-notch. During our “Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest”, deadlines to post our promotional materials are of utmost importance. After working with Ritway for 16 years, we know we can depend on them for keeping us on or even ahead of schedule.

- Mary Hyland, Marketing Manager, Nathan’s Famous -

A Common Sense Approach to Teaming Around Your Needs

The Ritway team responds to your needs as our customer and to your changing priorities. We use a combination of long-range planning and on-the-spot innovation to accomplish your needs. As Human Resources Director Carol Stafford says, “We take a holistic approach to your business. Whatever’s needed, we just get in there and get it done.”

The company’s approach to a synergistic workplace is to match employees with roles that not only suit their particular skills but also fit long-term interests and passions. To facilitate that, Ritway:

  • Supports and honors personal development plans
  • Conducts periodic work audits to see how teaming can be improved
  • Stewards both new employee training and ongoing training by department.

“It’s like family here,” says Carol. “We won’t leave anyone if they’ve got a lot to do. We all pitch in.”

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